What is SEO?

Basic Terms of SEO

There are two broad categories of SEO: ON-PAGE SEO and OFF-PAGE SEO.

  • Server Location
  • Uptime

Optimize the images

Image is one of the most important things about page speed.

2. Mobile-Friendly Website

As mentioned above, Google’s mobile-first index favors mobile-optimized websites in most cases.

  • Simplify the menu — make it clear to mobile devices
  • Compress image sizes — this can significantly improve page speed
  • Remove aggressive pop-up windows — self-explanatory
  • Optimize text — avoid long text blocks and make sure the font is readable on mobile devices.
  • Consider AMP — AMP is a technology that enables the faster distribution of content on mobile devices; it is particularly useful for large blogs or news and magazines.

3. Create short and simple URLs

What do the URLs of your page look like in the search results? Do they help you understand the content they contain?

  • The shorter the better the better
  • Separate words in a dash

4. Research your keywords

Although most on-page SEO guides do not deal with keyword research, this is a key step in creating new content. So here, it deserves some space.

  • Find phrases that are popular, relevant and easy to classify
  • Understand what people are interested in

5. Hit the search intent

Google is getting better at understanding what kind of results people want to see.

  • Informational — General queries for information
  • Transactional — queries that lead directly to online purchases
  • Commercial — queries that precede online purchases

6. Optimize for the focus keyword

SEO is not about finding a keyword and stuffing it all over the place.

7. Essential Tag Fundamentals

Are you taking meta tags seriously? Although the effect of the title tag or meta description has changed significantly over the last few years, it is still a good practice to pay attention to them.

  • drive free traffic
  • attract site visitors
  • attract website visitors

8. Creating Content That Drives Search Traffic

Content is the backbone of a thriving business, and SEO is the backbone of content marketing. You’ve probably heard the saying, “Content is King.” But, there’s a way more to successful content marketing than just “Content.” You’ve got to publish the kind of content that drives traffic and expands your business.

  • Is in-depth and well-written
  • Is written with the user in mind
  • Solves a problem
  • Is easy to share
  • Is optimized for a high-volume keyword



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